We're grateful for these folks.

We at The Dead Sullivan Show wish to acknowledge the following individuals who've participated in the efforts to make this chaotic thing a show.  They've come to our "creative sessions", lent their voices, talents, opinions, criticism and praise to our project.

Special Thanks To:

Quincy Johson III, Hedi Young, Kevin Keebler, Trevor West, Shavar Cubit, Curtis Nowitzky, Dylan Green, Chris Hodges,  John Hammil of Namba Studios,  Amber Rivas, Bridget Maynez, Nicole C. Jackson, Pablo Huchin, Alex Uvari, Mike Kelleher, Sebastian Gagyi, Grace Liner, Kurt Nicolai, Bryan Chavez, Jedidiah Lyons, Lanya Sue Lovelace, Peg Quinn, James Herrera, Jeri Solomon, Rebecca Kelleher, Ian Heath, Jack Comeau, Nicole Craig, Deborah Galarza, Ian Dunning, Mark Barnett, Jeff Vachon, Christy Johnson, Hunter Boettcher, Jennifer Akabue, Laurel Huggins, Haley Martin, Joshua Mullins, Joe Bagley, Paul Glen Neuman, John Branagan, Emily Clark, Xander Beltran, Sandra Horn, Linda Freeny, Leslie Thompson, Ayu Levin, Aaron Wade, Shawn McCoy, Marisa Rudder and Randy Caruso of Quantum Ventures. Arianna Franklin, Cimi Anguston, Jake Glavinno (Brooks students); Joshua Roe.

Thanks and Acknowledgement to:
Donald McConnell, Evan Carpenter, Elizabeth Rodeno of CAPS Media of Ventura,
Lost Socks Media, Simply 2 Ugly, Bill-E Son Productions, Uvari Productions,
 Ventura County Screen Writers Group at Barnes and Noble Bookstore Ventura.