We are talking about a “creative revolution”; seeing television entertainment as a new dimension.  Where content is the product, the product is content.  There's no reason to stop the show. 

The Dead Sullivan Show provides a venue for artists, musicians, performers, writers and other gifted people to showcase their talents.  All the while leading our followers around the world on a journey of falling in love with emerging talent, and the opportunity to pay homage to those who’ve lead the way.  

"But wait, there's more" our cast of peculiar regulars, who haunt backstage managing to pull off the show.

Each episode is built around not only a SPONSOR, but tailored to a unique set of STARS -- from past, present and future. Unfolding in the after-world chaos of Purgatory, where time stands still long enough to see who'll be next on the stage for second chances.  

The Dead Sullivan Show experience is the ethos of creative expression, that which resides in us all.

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