Pollinating a CREATIVE revolution.


We are talking about a “creative revolution”; seeing television entertainment as a new dimension.  Where content is the product, the product is content.  There's no reason to stop the show. 

The Dead Sullivan Show provides a venue for artists, musicians, performers, writers and other gifted people to showcase their talents.  All the while leading our followers around the world on a journey of falling in love with emerging talent, and the opportunity to pay homage to those who’ve lead the way.  

"But wait, there's more" our cast of peculiar regulars, who haunt backstage managing to pull off the show.

Each episode is built around not only a SPONSOR, but tailored to a unique set of STARS -- from past, present and future. Unfolding in the after-world chaos of Purgatory, where time stands still long enough to see who'll be next on the stage for second chances.  

The Dead Sullivan Show experience is the ethos of creative expression, that which resides in us all.


All we need is you, to get this show off the ground.

Cast & Crew

Gregory Keith Ramsey II

Cast - Fred/Dead Sullivan

Stage actor, singer, dancer, musician, music teacher

Meryl Nicole Taylor

Cast - Bambi

Film actor, singer, dancer, muralist

Jared Lyons

Cast - Grim

Wants to do chocolate milk and cereal when he grows up

Mary J Jones

Cast - Alice

Stage actor, photographer, online writer, outdoor fitness enthusiast

David Guelou

Crew/Cast - Bruce

Screenwriter, director, producer, film actor

Jessica Nicole Brockway

Cast - Dorothy

Stage actor, singer, dancer

Narci Lee

Cast - Edie

Performance artist, actor, poet, costume designer, painter


This seat is for you!

Tim Tipton

Cast - Humble Bard

Performance artist, published, award-winning poet, actor

Lauri Vreeland

Cast - Thelma

Actor, comedian, event manager, health tech

Doug Friedlander

Cast - Reaper

Stage actor, producer, director, costume designer

Steve Aguilar

Cast - Devil

Performance artist, musician, singer, songwriter, producer, director, writer, poet, artist

Christina Colombo

Cast - Gertha

Stage actor, singer, dancer

Callie Nicole Williams

Cast - Hazel

Stage actor, writer, singer, comedian

Lee Quarrie

Cast - Hedy

Stage and film actor, director, screenwriter, producer

Nelson Fox

Cast - Henson

Stage actor, writer, producer. costume designer

Lisa Lyons

Crew/Cast - Honey Nooner

Stage and film actor, director, producer

Jonathan Arevalo

Cast - Itch


Bill Schneider

Cast - Jim

Writer, producer, director, voice talent, musician, singer, songwriter

Dian Van Patten


Casting Director, Supervising Editor, Actor

Emily Clark

Cast - Mrs Sullivan

Film actor, singer, songwriter, poet, writer

Anita Esmeralda Hernandez

Cast - Old Woman/News Anchor

Stage and film actor

Daisy Declet


Actor, singer, dancer

Steve Knauff


Performance artist, art director, writer. producer, director

David Castro

Cast - Woody Nooner

Actor, Singer, Musician, Lighting tech

Miguel Marquez

Cast - Doe


Kali Bennett

Cast - Lena Bacon

Actor, Slam poet, Basketball player

Devon Carabajal

Cast - T.R.E.M.

Actor, Bartender

Zak Meister

Cast - Fazio - iGor

Actor, Musician, A/V Engineer, Philosopher

Craig Fields

Cast - Chubby Buns

Actor, Comedian

Vina Monte-Alegre

Intern, Animator of the Picklebottoms

Editor, Animator, Intern

Patty Mazuca


Production Assistant, Casting Associate

Avelina Hull


Lead Makeup Artist

Ramon Acevedo


Screenwriter, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Rob Echanique


Screenwriter, Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Set Designer, Editor, Musician

James Dellinger

Production Consultant

Producer, Writer

Bob Ryemon

Musical Director - Violinist

Composer, Sound FX, Voice Actor, Performer

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Brad Bauer

Director / Creator / Screenwriter

Pay no attention to the lady behind the curtain... Yeah... Right...

Cathy Peterson

Lady behind the curtain.

Bob calls me "the container".



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