Opportunity is knocking. 

       With so many choices in entertainment these days, it's difficult to know where to plant your investment seeds to garner the best yield.  

       My father always said "invest in what you know."   If you understand the entertainment industry, "Show Business" is the very place you need to invest your dollars.  Backing ideas you know have merit, for the simple fact that you know your market.   Guessing or hoping what might make you a good return on your hard-earned money is tomfoolery at best.

       A great idea goes a long way.  But it needs to be backed by excellent follow through.  It takes money to make a show of this scale.  -- A variety show which takes place in the afterlife, that features entertainers past, present and future.  Can you imagine?  

The Dead Sullivan Show has "clout" built in.

       The simple action of telling someone the name of our project "The Dead Sullivan Show" starts an engaging, whimsical conversation of interest with everyone we meet.    

       It ensues with a cavalcade of exuberance of creative ideas on "what the show is", or even better, its massive potential.  

How can you invest in our Show?

       We've gone beyond "Product Placements" in each of our episodes.  The content is the product and the product is the content.  We've written the products into our script and built amusing story-lines around them  as part of our world.  Subtle but effective.  

       License ancillary rights of our brand for manufacturing of unique Dead Sullivan Show merchandise.  Apparel, toys, art, jewelry and collectibles of every kind.  There is a market for fan-based goods waiting to be tapped.  Macabre is a huge market trend.

 Sponsor an episode. 

    Here's our pitch. 

     -- Advertising should be as engaging as the show.

     -- We've partnered with companies  by writing them into our show.  We're out to appeal to a whole new savvy group of viewers.  They're done with the old ways of TV-style ads.  And so are we. 

     -- Advertisers will engage our viewers by being part of the entertainment. Think beyond typical product placement.  And Junk the idea of stopping the show for an invasive, often offensive commercial.

     -- Sure everyone needs a break, but anyone can simply use the "pause" button, or skip over the commercials.  But not in our show.    

        It's a new age, as products are a part of our lives, is it time to reach your target audience in a new and entertaining way?  Yes!