26 Mar

Recently, I sent a text out to a friend about jumping even when you're not quite ready.  I was relating running races vs. jogging for exercise  to making a genuine TV production vs. creating content for fun.  

It's not that making a TV production isn't fun, far from that, but it's much more of an ordeal, or a chore, than simply making a video of weeding your garden, or in this instance jogging as to keep in shape.

The point is not to over think it, or get lost in the revision of your idea.  At some point, you stand at the precipice, like all good heroes... say "$%#& it" and jump.  "I'm going to do this now, come what may, sink or swim".  -- That point you reach when you're emotionally and physically ready to make a change, even if you're not quite prepared.

The beauty is that you'll learn everything you need by doing, by putting your ideas to the test.  And no, not everything works out, but you learn something from each mistake, and those little gems carry you forward.

I find that when you get into the "doing" is when you discover the beauty in exploring your idea.  You find things you didn't know that turn out to be actually better than anything you could of thought of.  

Be willing to jump.  Take the risk and run the race with your idea.  


Photo by C. Peterson, © 2017

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