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** For audition dates see our "EVENTS" section in the main menu.

ON-GOING casting for Performance Acts, Celebrity Impersonators, Bands, Singers, Dancers, Poets, Extra's.

Open one-time roles:

► Bob Newhart - OPEN : Yep. That Bob Newhart. (Guest Star) --  (Tentatively cast—Roland Bayse)

► Random Hubbard - OPEN :  voice only, any (a philosopher who comments on the show)

► Someone - OPEN : Female  voice only, you have to have a great well defined scream. 

► Jacques - OPEN : Male, 30s to 40s, French accent

► Bearded Unicyclist - OPEN : Female. Mid 20s.

► Cyclist - OPEN : Male. Early 20s.

► EMTs - OPEN : Male or Female. Early 20s to mid 30s. (3 persons)

► Onlooker - OPEN : Male or Female. Any age.

► Skydivers - OPEN : Male or Female. Early 20s. (2 persons)

► Tuba Player - OPEN : Female. 40s.

► Audience - OPEN : Male and Female. All ages above 18. (Extras)

On the DSS, in an effort not to be agist, shapist, sizist, sexist or racist all roles are open to anyone, and we'll even consider rewriting a character to suit an actor's zaney, odd, strange abilities or talents.  

WANTED : Celebrity Impersonators from any era!!!  Ask for Lisa Lyons!

How to prepare for YOUR Casting Call.

Please have (2) minutes prepared material of something you feel you perform, read or do well. 

Wear comfortable shoes. We'll provide water. 

You'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire-application.  Please bring head shots
if available.  They don't need to be professional.  We're also interested in looking
at your prior work, so please be prepared to list links on your questionnaire-application.
You'll be required to sign an appearance release for your screen test.

We will provide lines for you to prepare while you wait to be seen.  These are not
character specific. However, from the character list ABOVE, you're welcome to read
as you envision that character.  Few roles in this production are gender
specific, so consider this your invitation to read as any characters that interest you.

There is NO food allowed in at CAPS MEDIA TV studio, so please eat before you arrive.
CAPS MEDIA TV Studio requires a parking pass to park in their lot.  You can get one
from the front desk inside the building.  Other than knowing we're booked at the
studio, the staff of CAPS Media has no other information about our project.
CAPS MEDIA is located at 65 Day Road, Ventura, CA 93003 USA  (

You're welcome to come in costume, but it's not necessary. 

Back Stage
We're also looking for people to work in other areas of production, so even if you're
not cast at this phase of the project, there will be other positions that may be of
interest to you.  And of course, there will be future castings as this is an ongoing
episodic TV production.  We'll keep your details (including screen tests) for future castings
and may call you in for another part as the show progresses.

There will be costumed "EXTRAS" on the show.  

Please let us know if you'd love to dress up and be one of the willing souls
meandering about back stage in Purgatory (where the DSS takes place).  

Think: Odd, Quirky, Chaos!

Please be respectful of CAPS Media TV Studio, its staff and other content producers
who may be doing work at the studio.  Due to the nature of the building, sounds
are amplified, so please restrict loud talking/chats to outside the building.

Thank You !